Established in 1908, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a comprehensive non-profit agricultural research institution.
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  [2019-03-11]  Tang Yong Paid A Study Visit to Pujiang for Rural Revitalization
  [2019-03-04]  IQSA Obtained MARA License for Pesticide Registration Trial
  [2019-02-22]  ZAAS Holds the Second Session of the 9th Employee Assembly and Working Conference
  [2016-10-27]  Yang Hua Attends Zhejiang S-S Cooperation Experience Share and Technology Workshop on Addressing Climate Change
  [2012-10-26]  The First International Symposium on Plant-Microbe Interactions Opens at Hangzhou
  [2012-05-15]  Brand New ‘10-Day Silkworm Rearing’ Method Demonstrated at Chun’an County
  [2012-05-07]  Scientists from Plant Industry, CSIRO Visited ZAAS
  [2012-05-04]  Research on Pathogeny and Control Techniques of Three Major Diseases in Ducks Won Provincial Sci-Tech Award
  [2012-04-26]  Scientists from Georg-August-University of Goettingen visited ZAAS
  [2012-04-01]  Scientists at ZAAS Tackle Bacterial Drug Resistance
  [2012-03-05]  Stable Isotope Techniques Help to Trace Origin and Identify Authenticity of Agro-products in China
  [2012-02-21]  ZAAS Scientists Help Zhejiang Local Farmers with Grape Industry Prosperity
  [2012-02-10]  Dr. Pan Jianzhi Attend Symposium on Animal Biotechnology in Japan
  [2012-02-10]  ZAAS Center Pass FAPAS Proficiency Testing
  [2007-12-27]  Transgenic Agro-Products Can Be Tested in ZAAS
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