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ZAAS Holds the Second Session of the 9th Employee Assembly and Working Conference

The second session of ZAAS 9th Employee Assembly (Labor Union Meeting) and ZAAS Working Conference opened on Feb. 21. ZAAS senior administration staff members, representatives of both in-service and retired employees, and scientist representatives attended the meeting.

In his report, Tang Yong, Secretary of ZAAS Party Committee, pointed out that in the past year, the Academy, with joint efforts by all staff members, made major achievements, overcame difficulties, achieved the annual tasks and made historical breakthroughs in various fields of work. Based on an analysis of the new situations and opportunities in current agricultural and rural development, and of the new requirements posed by the provincial rural revitalization, he urged the whole Academy to seize the opportunities and quicken the development.

 President of ZAAS, Lao Hongwu delivered the report of the work of ZAAS administration, and reviewed the achievements ZAAS made for the rural development by focusing on the province’s central tasks and coordinating the various tasks.

 In the conference, the commendation of advanced groups and excellent individuals was also announced.

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