Established in 1908, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a comprehensive non-profit agricultural research institution.
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The Institute of Vegetable
     As the biggest professional vegetable-studying organization, the Institute of Vegetable is engaged in breeding new vegetable and melon cultivars, vegetable planting, environmentally-friendly planting techniques, vegetable storage and processing and om the demonstration and promotion of new cultivars and techniques. It now has a staff of over 40, 13 of them being senior scientists. Its research divisions include the laboratory of vegetable breeding, the laboratory of protected horticulture, the laboratory of planting techniques and its promotion, the key laboratory of vegetables and Zhenong Seed Company. The institute has undertaken more than 50 projects sponsored by the national MOA, and Zhejiang province.

    Its achievements and research capacity have long been acknowledged. The institute has obtained over 30 national and provincial prizes for progress in science and technology. More than 40 cultivars have passed testing and some of its tomato cultivars, cowpea cultivars, heat-tolerant and early-ripening cabbage cultivars as well as the eggplant cultivars been grown in most areas of the province, and even in the whole country.

  Research Groups
      w Tomaoto breeding 

      w Eggplant breeding 

      w asparagus bean breeding 

      w Cruciferae breeding 

      w Protected Horticulture Division 

       w LI Guojing
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