Established in 1908, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a comprehensive non-profit agricultural research institution.
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The Institute of Virology and Biotechnology
     "The Institute of Virology and Biotechnology currently has 41 employees, 21 holding senior professional ranks, and 11 of them being PhDs and 10 having master’s degrees. Its scientific research can be divided into 2 divisions: plant and animal virology and tissue culture, and plant metabolic gene engineering, and it is engaged in addressing problems in such areas as the molecular biology of plant viruses, insect molecular biology, plant molecular genetics, metabolic engineering and plant tissue culture. It has a MOA key laboratory of virology and biotechnology, the Zhejiang provincial laboratory for fungally-transmitted plant viruses and the Zhejiang provincial experimental center for plant metabolic engineering.

    Scientists in the institute have undertake more than 100 projects supported by national outstanding talent funding, the national 863 program, national and provincial funding programs, and ministerial funding, etc. Over 20 achievements have been awarded national and provincial prizes, among them, there are 2 first prizes from MOA, 1 “national ten sci-tech achievements” prize, 2 national prizes for sci-tech progress (1 1st and 1 2nd prize), 1 “national ten sci-tech progress” prize and 10 provincial prizes for sci-tech progress. It has obtained 1 national patent and 1 international patent. "

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